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Land HO!

Land HOOne of the great things I love about helping people with Real Estate is being able to find great deals for them.  Recently I came
across land in the Collinsville School district that is for sale, but that is not publicly listed yet.  And here’s what’s really cool, this land is affordable!  If you know anything about land in the Owasso and Collinsville areas, you know that it is expensive.  That’s because there isn’t much of it and it is in high demand.

This property offers offers one 5 acre tract and two 15 acre tracts.  And check this out…you can buy the 5 acres, one of the 15 acres, two of the 15 acres for a total of 30, all of the 35 acres or one of the 15 acres with the 5 acres for a total of 20 acres!

Pricing – $8800.00 for the two 30 acre tracts if purchased together
$9000.00 for one of the 15 acre tracts
Special pricing on the 5 acre tract

If you’re interested in learning more about this property, call or text us asap

Bob – 918-272-7272
Sheldon – 918-206-6505

This land isn’t going to last!



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